Why are omega replica watches are very costly?

1. Because They Can
Omega is one of the most recognizable and popular luxury fake watch brands. They’re a Swiss watchmaker with a ton of history, with Omega replica watches being seen on the Moon, James Bond’s wrist, Olympic athletes, business leaders, celebrities, etc. Ultimately brands charge whatever price people are willing to pay, and people are willing to pay a bit more for Omega.

2. They Are Very Well Made
I am a co-founder of Martenero Watches, launching later this year. We have closely examined a number of mid to high end watch brands, and Omega’s are typically very well constructed. Fine finishes, sharp lines and edges, elegant bracelets that don’t pinch or pull, domed sapphire crystals, etc. All these details require time and expertise, just like any other work of art or engineering. Doing it right costs more.

3. They’re Made in Switzerland
China is far and away the replica watch capital of the world. They’ve developed an enormous manufacturing industry, and have the scale to produce some really nice stuff far cheaper than you’d find elsewhere. Your iPhone is made there, which helps keep the costs down.

Omega is still made entirely in Switzerland. They no longer produce their own movements, opting for modified ETA movements instead, but keeping it Swiss adds a lot in terms of labor, taxes, and other costs.

4. They Advertise
Industry figures are a little nebulous, but Omega does events, sponsorships, movie product placements, celebrity endorsements, and tons of traditional advertising. Advertising is a good thing to do, the cost of which is usually passed on to the consumer.

5. Compared to Other Brands, They’re Actually Quite Reasonable.
You can find an Omega Seamaster or Aqua Terra for under 2k, and both are beautiful replica watches. The Speedmaster Moonwatch will set you back $3500. In fact much of the line is well under $5,000. Your entry level Rolex or Breitling will set you back around 6 or $7,000, and only go up from there.