omega replica watches is what you deserve to have the pinnacle of watches

There’s been other replica watches that look like a Rolex but very few if any -Affordable- luxury ones to make something the general public want en-mass and do it will a high level of quality, finish and reliability too. It also marked a first as the partnership between Bond and Omega started too, which helped drive sales to an enormous level.

When I was at the Omega service center, they had a lot of framed pictures on the wall of various omega replica watches from their history – about 15 of the Speedmaster, 6 or 7 of the constellation, 4 or so of the Seamaster (the Bond model) and I think one of a Railmaster. There was a gigantic thousand odd page book on the table with a full history of the Speedmaster.

It’s clear that if you want -The- Omega and can only have one that it’s the Speedy you should be aiming for (I’ll have mine own by March) but it’s just insulting in many ways to completely act as if the other models are worthless, they all form strong parts of the company history and have their own eras in time. Constellation’s seem to have fallen long out of favour, and Railmaster’s have a niche cult following these days. But I think the ‘lowly’ Seamaster has earned it’s place amongst the company greats. Even if you don’t like it, at least acknowledge it – as without this watch it’s unlikely we’d have the Planet Ocean, Aqua Terra, numerous special editions or even continued success of the Speedmaster. Without the Bond Seamaster there’s no guarantee we’d still even have an Omega.